ko te manaaki i ngā kaihākinakina | caring for New Zealand's sports community

Photo of Ross Georgiou
Ross Georgiou, CEO

Ross has been involved in sports ministry for over 20 years, in Europe and New Zealand. He has served as a chaplain at Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and is the reserve chaplain for the NZ Breakers. He is also the chair of the Major Sports Events Chaplaincy Commission. Ross is a UEFA and NZ Football licensed coach.


Photo of Roula Georgiou

Roula Georgiou, Administration

Roula has followed husband Ross around the world since they met in her home country of Greece in 1991. Roula keeps everything running smoothly at SCNZ with the tremendous work she does behind the scenes. Her many responsibilities include membership, finance, hospitality, materials and editing the weekly devotionals, as well as being Personal Assistant to Ross.


Photo of Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca Hawkins, Communications

Rebecca worked in Christian ministry with university students for 20 years before joining SCNZ. Her role includes editing Sports Chaplaincy’s monthly e-newsletter, and looking after the website and Facebook page. She also helps train new Sports Chaplains.


Photo of Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins, Training

Matt has a background in human resources and leadership development. He has adapted and developed the SCNZ Certificate training, and has helped train many Sports Chaplains throughout New Zealand. Matt is also responsible for continued professional development for Sports Chaplains.