ko te manaaki i ngā kaihākinakina | caring for New Zealand's sports community

Sports Chaplaincy NZ has operated since 2009 and became a charitable trust in 2013.

We care for competitive sportspeople at all levels: professional, regional, club and school.

We support people of sport through their triumphs, trials and tragedies, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

Our chaplains are externally funded, so they are available without charge.

Services a Sports Chaplain can provide

· Club-wide pastoral care

· A listening ear

· Crisis management and recovery services

· Grief, loss and bereavement care

· Qualified affirmation and encouragement

· Birth and marriage ceremonies

· Mentoring

· Pastoral and spiritual care and support

· Suicide awareness

· Stress management support

· Home and hospital visitations

· Family care and support

· Marriage and relationship preparation and care

· Life skills support

· Debriefing delivery

· Referral support