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Photo of Mel Atkins presenting a Service Award for Kevin Prewett.

2017 Service Award – Kevin Prewett

Board member Mel Atkins presented a Service Award for Kevin Prewett at the SCNZ leadership hui in March. Here is his citation, given by Ross Georgiou.


Kevin Prewett has played golf with some of New Zealand’s top talent. He loves his golf and plays whenever he has a chance. Fine wine and fine food are his other vices.

A partner in accounting firm Eden Perich Prewett, Kevin gives generously of his knowledge, skills and time as a member of the Sports Chaplaincy NZ board.

Kevin looks for the best in people and looks to find the best people. When he finds them, he backs them and empowers them. Kevin sees potential and then invests.

Kevin is able to do the ‘grunt work’ in taking care of details, and yet can simultaneously jump up to macro vision and macro strategy. His work supports the board, staff, Regional Leaders and volunteers of Sports Chaplaincy NZ.

Without Kevin’s input right from the outset, SCNZ would not have become an organisation. He worked with our lawyers and with the Charities Commission to establish SCNZ as an Incorporated Society and Charitable Trust. He has run SCNZ’s finances, reports, budgets and the book-keeping team. Kevin also put together our policy manual. He has drafted and redrafted Employment Agreements. He reports to the Charities Commission. Kevin arranges reviews and audits. He has been an advocate for Sports Chaplaincy to potential donors, to church leaders and sportspeople. He has even put himself through our complete training to better understand SCNZ and what we do.

Kevin brings a mind-set that ‘In God’s strength, and together, we can get it done’. He is one that especially during this time of passing the baton of leadership, has really shown his worth.

Kevin is always happy and ready to honour others, so it was very difficult to keep him out of the process of deciding this award!


A well-deserved Service Award for Kevin Prewett.

As well as this Service Award for Kevin Prewett, other awards were presented to Sue Morris, Grant Harris and Shane Auld.

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Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca is the Communications and IT Manager for Sports Chaplaincy NZ. In her younger days she played cricket and football with great enthusiasm but very little skill. Now she spends a lot of time supporting her four sons in their sport. She especially loves scoring their cricket matches, which she insists on doing the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.

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