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Photo of athlete on track holding baton for Pregame Nerves Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

Tips for coping with pregame nerves – from 5 top athletes

Almost all people who have competed are familiar with the feeling of  nerves before the moment of competition, that slightly uneasy jitter that sits in the background of your consciousness as you warm up and prepare. It is a reminder that you care about the result...

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Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

When your sporting career ends

I have based this post on Roger Lipe’s article The End of a Sportsperson’s Career, about the challenges of retirement from sport.  It appears in his blog http://sportchaplainsportmentor.blogspot.com/, dated 21 June 2019. Like it or not, it will happen. It may be on your...

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Photo of memorial in response to mosque attacks [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Sports Chaplains respond to mosque attacks

Chaplains’ response to mosque attacks Like the rest of New Zealand, the Christchurch attacks of 15 March deeply affected the sports community. What has been our Sports Chaplains response to the mosque attacks? Bangladesh cricket team A press conference that ran over time saved...

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Photo of Japanese team and fans at World Cup , example of sportsmanship in 2018

Our ten best examples of sportsmanship in 2018

Here’s our top ten moments of sportsmanship in 2018. What do you think? See also our sportsmanship list for 2017.   Sportsmanship in 2018 1. Japan at the FIFA World Cup There were many wonderful moments in the FIFA World Cup, but the award...

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Photo of woman sitting on bed with head in arms for Suicide in Young Athlets= article

Why successful young athletes consider suicide – is this the most important sports book of 2018?

This article looks at the difficult issue of suicide in young athletes. If you would like help for yourself, a loved one, or your club, please contact us, or any of the other organisations listed at the end of this post.   This post...

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Picture of Spideman reading a book to keep learning.

Three reasons why smart athletes keep learning

This series is based on The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. Now in Part 4 we explore Keep learning, me ako tonu. See Part 1: Why sportspeople need to connect meaningfully with others, why it’s hard, and what you can do about it; Part 2: ‘Greedy, selfish and self-centred’...

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Image from Ethnic Diversity Think Tank

Ethnic Diversity Think Tank

Enroy Talamahina and Rebecca Hawkins represented SCNZ at AUT Sports Performance Research Institute’s Ethnic Diversity Think Tank. Ethnic Diversity in NZ Professor Paul Spoonley began with the changing demographics in our country, which are most seen in Auckland. According to Spoonley, Auckland is the...

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Photo of Manawatu Regional Leader Willie Bryant for Awards for Willie Bryant

Our man stars at Basketball New Zealand Awards

SCNZ Manawatū Leader Willie Bryant picked up two prizes at the Basketball NZ Awards on 19 May. The awards for Willie Bryant were for Service to Officiating, as well as a Long Service Award. Among his many roles in basketball, Willie is chaplain for...

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Photo of athlete in starting blocks for Mindfulness for sportspeople

Mindfulness: a simple practice pros use to lift their game

This series is based on The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. Now in Part 3 we explore Take notice, me aro tonu, looking at mindfulness for sportspeople.  See Part 1: Why sportspeople need to connect meaningfully with others, why it’s hard, and what you can do about it; and...

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Cede Network logo, used in advice videos for Sports Chaplains

New resources for Sports Chaplains

Cede Network wants to help Sports Chaplains around the world; therefore they have made a series of short advice videos for Sports Chaplains. This series is called Sports Chaplaincy 101.   Topics of advice videos for Sports Chaplains Sports Chaplaincy 101 has topics especially...

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Photo of SCNZ leadership - donate to Sports Chaplaincy NZ, contact us

Sports Chaplaincy leadership hui

The Sports Chaplaincy NZ 2018 hui for board, staff and Regional Leaders was held at the Ramada Resort by Lake Rotorua 9-11 March. Thirty people attended from throughout New Zealand, as well as Germany and Scotland.   Leadership transition The hui was especially memorable as...

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Photo of fireworks spelling '2018' for 10 ways to make your New Year's resolutions stick. Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

10 successful strategies for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Lots of athletes make New Year’s resolutions, like Ryan Lochte. You know Ryan Lochte? Twelve Olympic medals in swimming: he’d be really famous if it wasn’t for another guy called Michael Phelps. Anyway, Ryan Lochte made a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking soft...

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Photo about generous sportspeople - person holding a sign saying 'Give. Thanks.'

‘Greedy, selfish and self-centred’ sportspeople; and how not to be one

This series is based on The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. Here in Part 2 we explore Give, tukua, looking at some generous sportspeople and why it’s good to be one.  See also Part 1: Why sportspeople need to connect meaningfully with others, why...

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Photo of Phil Pawley with St Helens jersey

Interview with our next CEO, Phil Pawley

The Phil Pawley interview – everything you wanted to know about our next CEO. Tell us about your early life. Phil Pawley: I was born in Pt Chevalier (Auckland). We moved to Mangere East when I was three, then to Port Charles on the...

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Photo of captains for Rugby League World Cup - all will have access to Rugby League World Cup chaplaincy

Sports Chaplaincy at the Rugby League World Cup

SCNZ, in partnership with Sports Chaplaincy Australia, is providing Rugby League World Cup chaplaincy in Australia, NZ as well as PNG. Over 20 chaplains will be serving. England, the USA, and Samoa have their own team chaplains. In addition all match venues have chaplains...

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photo for Sports Chaplaincy NZ blog - Chaplain Enroy Talamahinin helps young sportspeople maintain meaningful relationships

Why sportspeople need to connect meaningfully with others, why it’s hard, and what you can do about it

This series is based on The Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. We begin with Connect, me whakawhanaunga. Here we focus specifically on helping sportspeople maintain meaningful relationships.   New Zealand-born rugby league player Jesse Sene-Lefao is part of a group called the ‘Iron Squad’. ‘Iron...

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photo of athletes with medals - get your identity in sport sorted

10 practical ways to get your identity in sport sorted

It’s really natural for us to base our identity and self-worth on our performance (see Identity in Sport – you are more than your performance), so how can we avoid this trap? How then can you get your identity in sport sorted?   1....

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Identity in sport - photo of athlete looking pensive

Identity in Sport – you are more than your performance

Jonathan Armogam achieved his goal of becoming a professional footballer at the age of 23. Following his first season, he was being sought by some of the top teams in South Africa. Yet while his career was taking off, he was struggling with his...

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